My new old compost bin

I built this all by myself with lumber and old roofing tin out of the barn stockpile. Built the two side walls first and had to roll them from the garage to the pasture on my wheelbarrow because they were too heavy to carry. The red 2x4s were salvaged from the house remodel. The only thing I had to buy was 2 4×4 posts and some screws.

The second picture shows how I can slide in boards across the front as needed as the pile grows.



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The nursery

One of the mamas doing Auntie duty


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My latest catch-and-release

Found this 6″ eastern hog nose snake by the deck so I put him in a bucket and let him go by the stock tank. Here he is heading toward the trees. They eat toads almost exclusively, and he had quite a large lump in his belly, so he won’t need to eat again for a while.



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Test from phone



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House – In progress pictures

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House – original pictures

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Which one of these does not belong?

Found this on the web – too good not to share…

cat in coop


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Why it takes me forever to get anything done

Day 1
So I decide to put vinyl cove trim in garage. Should be a quick and easy project.
Look at Lowes and HD websites; learn that the self-stick kind isn’t reliable and that the rubber is better than the vinyl.

Day 2
Get in the car and driveĀ  to HD to get the stuff. Come home and unroll the stuff. Looks pretty straightforward.

Day 3
Mid-morning. Decide I will tackle the cove molding. Can’t find the utility knife. Spend 30 minutes looking for utility knife and meanwhile straighten up garage shelves.

Decide my pocket knife would work. Can’t find pocket knife. Notice laundry needs to be done. Start laundry.
Finally find pocket knife. Go back into garage. Dog wants a walk. Stop and take dog out for an hour.
Come back in and cut piece of base cove. This worked pretty well. Do a dry fit. Looks great. OK this should work pretty well.

Go back into garage utility room and notice the box of vinyl planks I had gotten several months ago as a test. HMMM! I could put those down in the landing area from the back door! Take some of the planks over and do a test layout. Looks really nice except that the floor is filthy with red Texas clay dust, paint drips, and blobs of drywall joint compound. Start scrubbing. Need a scraper to get the paint and compound up. Where’s the scraper? Oh yeah, it’s in one of the boxes that I haven’t labelled yet. Get the stepstool and start getting down boxes. Notice that some boxes aren’t organized as well as they should be, so reorganize a couple of the boxes. Put the boxes away.

Go back and scrape off paint and make several passes scrubbing the floor. Notice that the back door is also dirty from dog paws and nose prints. Clean the back door and window.

Now the landing looks pretty nice except for the ragged concrete edge at the edge of the stepdown from the landing into the garage proper. It’s not straight – it starts out short and then the height increases to match the slope of the garage floor. How would I work around that? Go back into utility room to and find a piece of old baseboard. Scribe a line on the back of the baseboard to match the slope, put the board in my clamp, and trim with a jigsaw. Fit pretty well, but needs to be sanded down a little. Stop and sand it down. Now how to attach it, because the concrete edge is so uneven? What else – CAULK! So caulk the hell out of it and now there is a nice finished wood edge on the edge of the step. That is if you don’t pay any attention to the half-inch-thick seam of caulk holding it to the step.

OK, now ready to lay the vinyl plank. Hmm. Some of these would need to be trimmed lengthwise. Would a table saw do that? Stop and read about table saws. See photos and read stories about people cutting off their fingers. Scare myself. Read about new flesh-sensing technology. Decide scissors might work.

Go back to the vinyl plank and notice instructions in the box. Says do not use these in areas where temperature goes outside 55-85 degree range. Well so much for that idea – it’s a GARAGE IN TEXAS.

Am now obsessed with garage flooring. Go back in and think about tile in the garage. Research garage flooring options and read about epoxy paint. Read about ceramic tile. Hmm. Have toyed with the idea of learning how to lay tile. This is a small area – only 3×6 feet rectangle – would be nice area to learn in. Every idiot on TV lays tile; how hard could it be? Stop and read about tile saws. Read reviews at HD and Lowes. Find Lowe’s has a Skil tile saw for $80. Then how to lay a pattern? Search for tile pattern layouts and find Daltile has a neat online tool. Putter around for a while playing with tile sizes, borders, etc. Find I only need about 21 square feet of tile, the saw, a grout spreader thing, grout, thinset, and spacers.

It’s now 12:30 a.m. ad decide it’s time to give up and go to bed.

Day 4
Now have to think about what tile I actually want. So will be going to a tile outlet today to see what’s available. Meanwhile I have a clean landing step from the back door. Stay tuned.

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New baby!

When I got home yesterday, I found this!



Mama is being a good mother.

Mama checks out the shed in the pen – AKA the maternity ward!_DSC0353

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Beautiful clouds


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